SD-WAN Quickly Expanding Across All Industries

Businesses Worldwide Turning to Peplink SD-WAN Technology for Unbreakable Connectivity

January 10, 2018

Hong Kong – The need for businesses to have impeccably reliable connectivity and speed has become absolutely crucial and SD-WAN technology is there to answer the call. The adoption rate of SD-WAN deployments has increased exponentially across all manner of industries due to its ability to provide what any business, regardless of size or sector, needs most: Constant and reliable connectivity, improved speeds, intuitive central management, rapid deployment, and infinite scalability.

Peplink (Ploverbay’s SD-WAN brand) provides solutions to all these needs, across all industries, through SpeedFusion bonding, seamless failover, InControl 2 cloud-based central management system, and a diverse product line to fit any business.

“Peplink really excels when it comes to ease of use. You can configure VLANS, setting up SpeedFusion between the locations, it’s just phenomenal,” said Daniel Dean, CTO of First Green Bank. First Green Bank recently implemented Peplink SD-WAN to keep their seven locations across Florida unbreakably connected.

The University of Southern Philippines Foundation needed a way to reduce cost and improve connectivity in order to provide the best learning opportunity for their students. “With Bandwidth Bonding from Peplink, we’re able to combine all the bandwidth providers. It’s like one big pipe for everyone to share,” said Lester Gastala, USPF Vice President of Information Communication Technology. Mr Gastala received the Education Technology Leadership Award from the World Education Congress in 2017.

Peplink SD-WAN solutions are also easily and rapidly deployable. Francois van Bree, IT Infrastructure Manager for pet food retailer Tom & Co utilizes and appreciates this, saying, “All we have to do is to install a Peplink router and within minutes the VPN is up and running, linking us to our central servers.” Tom & Co currently has 154 locations across Belgium and France.

“Every day, we hear about exciting new applications and use cases of Peplink SD-WAN from our partners and customers around the world. The SD-WAN market continues to grow rapidly, and Peplink’s ecosystem of SD-WAN products provide highly versatile network building blocks that enable breakthrough applications in many verticals.” said Keith Chau, CEO of Plover Bay Technologies.

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Plover Bay Technologies (stock code: 1523) is a world-leading Internet connectivity technology company. The Company is primarily engaged in developing and commercialising SD-WAN solutions under its own brands – ‘Peplink’ and ‘Pepwave.’ The Company also grants software licences and provides support services in connection with its SD-WAN solutions. The Company sells its own branded products to an extensive global network of more than 400 resellers in approximately 70 countries.

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