Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Frontier B.V.

"...we have 99.8% uptime on LTE network. So there was almost no VSAT traffic. Actually there was none... (Also) you could see that in the rate from the customers. The rates really went up because they weren't noticing any breakdown in their connectivity. "
Wouter van den Berg
Senior Technical Specialist, Frontier B.V.
Excelerate Technology

"I experienced Pepwave, it’s a very very good one. It’s the flexibility that we want... Changing and choosing network is really simple too. None of that would be possible by the way without the Pepwave behind this. The user interface makes using Pepwave really easy."
David Savage
Executive Chairman, Excelerate Technology
Henry the Dentist

"If there’s no Internet access, our business is down, so we need to make sure we have an ironclad system, and that’s why we went with West and Peplink."
Justin Joffe
CEO, Henry the Dentist
RENTCO – Transport Equipment Rentals

"Everything was sort of just put in a Drop-in Mode across our existing network as it was. The set up of devices is easy to use, very very simple. A couple of clicks here and there, you are up and running. No configuration. (You) Don’t have to understand the coding, the CLI, and those sorts of things…"
Jamie Shier
IT Manager of Rentco
First Green Bank

"I researched, like I always do, a number of different providers and Peplink stood out far and above the rest. Peplink really excels when it comes to ease of use. You can configure VLANS, set up SpeedFusion between the locations, it's just phenomenal."
Daniel Dean
CTO, First Green Bank
University of Southern Philippines Foundation

"...obtaining a leased line would cost you a thousand USD. With Bandwidth Bonding from Peplink, we’re able to combine all the bandwidth providers. It’s like one big pipe for everyone to share"
Lester Gastala
Vice President of ICT
Venn Telecom

“In the past, we regularly had to wait a long time, sometimes weeks, before a site got hooked up to the Internet. Now, with the help of Venn and the routers they provide, we can get up and running within 48 hours with a 4G connection.”
Christian DeGroote
IT Manager, Denys (customer)
Pluss - Social Enterprise

"Ultimately, our Peplink WAN has become a strategic enabler for all of our customer-facing services. It saves us money, it's easy to manage, and it grows with us effortlessly."
Steve Taylor
IT Manager, Pluss
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