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What does Plover Bay do?
Plover Bay makes connectivity reliable. We develop SD-WAN routers, software and cloud-based features which together form a well-integrated ecosystem to help enterprise customers quickly build networks that work anywhere, even when the network is on the move.
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What is Plover Bay’s relationship with Peplink?
Peplink is our principal brand. Peplink itself has many product families, such as Balance, MAX BR, MAX HD, MAX Transit, and etc. Different product families are designed for different end users to meet the diverse range of requirements. Regardless of product series, all our products run the same underlying software code and seamlessly work together.
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What is SpeedFusion?
SpeedFusion is the underlying VPN technology used by all our routers. SpeedFusion allows our routers to combine any number of WAN connections, such as 4G/5G, fiber and broadband from different service providers, all into one single connection. The combined connection will keep the network running smoothly even when one of the single connections fails. It also expands the network’s available bandwidth, reducing the chance of encountering network congestion. SpeedFusion is also the foundation of SpeedFusion Cloud and SpeedFusion Connect services, which are designed to make our reliable connectivity widely scalable.
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What is SD-WAN?
SD-WAN stands for software-defined wide area network. This means the use of software code and cloud to reduce the need for separate hardware appliances, to improve network performances, and to make network management a lot more flexible and less complicated.
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Are the company’s technologies protected by patents?
As of June 2021, we hold over 230 patents with over 210 patent applications under review.
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Where is the company’s office?
We currently have office locations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Lithuania, Malaysia with a total of around 180 full time employees. Our R&D teams are located in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Lithuania. The Malaysia team offers technical support.
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Does the company have any production facilities?
We do not own any major production facilities. The production of our products is outsourced to globally recognized third-party manufacturers in Taiwan.
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