In the modern world, connectivity is indispensable. We need it to talk to people across the globe, businesses need it to keep their operations running, and machines need it to work in sync with other machines.

In our quest to improve connectivity, we developed proprietary technologies which we placed into our products and services. Together, they form an ecosystem dedicated to making connectivity reliable and simple.
While a single link may disconnect at any moment, the chance of multiple links disconnecting at once is far slimmer. That’s the idea behind SpeedFusion. This VPN technology combines the bandwidth of multiple links, enabling users to achieve fast and reliable connections more affordably than using traditional means.

For temporary sites and moving vehicles, SpeedFusion can provide fast and reliable connectivity by combining multiple cellular networks. The resulting connection is unaffected by issues facing any individual network.
Using our technologies, we have developed a wide range of products and services. Our products include wired, wireless, and virtual routers for networks of every size and environment. While they vary in capacity, features, and form factor, they are all built for one simple goal: to make connectivity reliable.

We also have a full range of supporting products such as network switches, wireless antennas and access points to help customers seamlessly build and manage their network from HQ to branch to remote edge, all under one roof.
Our products and services form an ecosystem that provides new functionality while simplifying network management. Users can build flexible multi-site networks within minutes and track any cellular router’s route history on a GPS map. They can also apply network-wide scheduling for Wi-Fi radios, captive portals, switch port states and firmware updates.

The other end of the equation is the Community ecosystem, with the Peplink Forum at the heart. This is where Peplink’s R&D team, channel partners and end users interact and support each other, and where new ideas for product features emerge. Our team picks up on these ideas and refines them into new features and improvements.

Our community and product ecosystems become a positive feedback loop that results in enhanced product features, improved user experience, and brings in more users into our ecosystem.
Plover Bay consists of small independent teams of entrepreneurial, ambitious and energetic problem solvers around the world.

Our people and working culture is what makes us great. We cherish people from different backgrounds; their outside perspectives can often bring us new insights and innovation.

We are open, transparent, and not afraid to experiment. We constantly question every convention and assumption, eschewing anything that is outdated or inefficient. We relentlessly focus on efficiency, minimizing managerial and operational layers. We are always on the lookout for new trends and potential disruption, verifying every idea with market feedback. Built to adapt quickly, we are well-equipped to seize opportunities as they emerge.

If you are interested in being a part of our team,  find out more at our careers page.
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