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What are the key risks to your business?
Key risks:
  1. Shortage of key components - We rely on a steady supply of semiconductor products such as wireless modules and mainboards to consistently meet customer demands. If there is a shortage of key components, we might not be able to meet the market demand and lose business to competitors.
  2. Supply chain disruption - Similar to point 1, any disruption in supply chain may directly or indirectly affect our ability to meet customer demands.
  3. Inability to attract and retain talented people – Our products and services are as good as the people developing it. We offer highly rewarding career opportunities within the company to talented people and we have a diverse workforce from more than 5 countries.
Other risks: We also face other risks common to any technology business, such as legal risk, cybersecurity risk, political risk, customer risk and risk of technological obsolescence.
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How does the political tension and tariff around the world affect the company?
Besides our main office in Hong Kong, our R&D teams have gradually expanded into Taiwan and Lithuania. We also continue to work with tier-1 Taiwan manufacturing companies for the manufacturing of our products, while adding regional warehouses in the Americas and Europe. With these arrangements, we have a more diversified talent pool, we are more resilient with more flexibility to adjust our operations in response to geopolitical risks.
We believe the above and management’s agile mindset will help the company navigate through any future challenges.
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