With Great Passion, Comes a Great Community

There is no power for change greater than a community that knows what it wants. With want comes passion, and we know that people with passion can make the impossible happen. As one of our core values, nothing demonstrates passion more than our community forum.

Our community forum is an educational platform where interaction between users, partners and Plover Bay is encouraged. Not only do we provide comprehensive literature on all of our products, but also resources and use cases to ensure our end-users and partners understand the real value and benefits from using our technology. The user experience is a priority, so our community forum ensures any connectivity issues can be quickly resolved. We also encourage end users to inform us of any impossible applications, so we can focus research and development into areas where it is required the most.

Exercising a growth mindset is important in the production process. We know that things aren’t perfect from the get go, so welcoming criticism is another fundamental process in our product development.

That’s why we created our community forum. The power of community interaction is key to ensuring we cater to all the different needs from all verticals across the globe. Community engagement is what keeps our product technology constantly evolving. On a daily basis, our engineers collect feedback and connect the dots - that is how new ideas are born.

So which features make us particularly proud to have our community?

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Communicate directly with our engineers

Just like our innovative solutions, we like to operate quickly and efficiently. That’s why we’ve cut out the middleman, and ensured our users can directly speak to our engineers to offer their insights and ideas for future product improvements and development. Encouraging this continuous feedback loop has allowed us to advance further research into internet connectivity stability and create new features, upgrade our current products and unlock new opportunities for customers with different needs. It’s this direct feedback that can make the impossible possible.

Additionally, if you consider yourself tech-savvy, speaking directly to our engineers may be the route you prefer to take. If it’s assistance or troubleshooting you need, our engineers are available to answer your questions and help provide a solution to your business needs.

The story of the Mobility Antenna:

Some end-users were experiencing low band performance when traveling with our mobility antennas, due to geographical distances between locations in the US being too large. Therefore, they provided feedback to our engineers for the situation.

In response, our engineers conducted research into why there was low band performance and upgraded our antennas into the MB-42G Mobility Antenna. Thanks to our user feedback, we listened, improved and created one of the best performing mobility antennas on the market.


Advice from experienced supporters

Our forum is driven by our passionate partners and end-users. Many of the members are from all walks of life, ready to share their knowledge whenever they have the opportunity to do so.

Take the opportunity to speak with real-life users and discuss our products with them. This enables sincerity, clarity and certainty in shared user experiences.

Did you know?

The recent release of our SpeedFusion Cloud subscription service has been a hot topic of discussion on the forum. As this is a new service, user-experiences are still in the experimental phases. Many unforeseen situations are likely to occur, so enabling a tight feedback loop with the end-users is important.

Thanks to our tight-knit community, end-users are able to quickly find solutions to their problems from threads in the forum. There are even step-by-step tutorial videos created by our end-users themselves. From general functionality questions, to technical hardware focused queries, no question is too small or too technical for the forum.

In a majority of the circumstances, our engineers don’t even need to help, as our partners and other end-users have everyone covered. It’s this self-service, communicative interaction between customers brought together by our products that make us proud of our community.

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