With a Team Like Ours, We Make It Always Work

It’s no secret that collaborative problem solving leads to better outcomes. Collective teamwork open to new ideas is a common thread that runs through a Marketer’s journey at Plover Bay.

Our patented SpeedFusion technology and SD-WAN products aren’t the only factors that generate business success. Our informed marketers exhibit our rich company portfolio to the world, and advise how our unique solutions can help businesses stay connected and grow. From life-saving mission critical deployments, to enhanced security measures, our marketers show how our solutions can revolutionize the networking industry.

Our Marketing Team is behind the scenes, articulating, presenting and delivering Plover Bay’s vision. They’re responsible for pioneering new ideas and brainstorming new marketing strategies to drive our business growth. Collaboration with in-house designers, engineers and external partners is imperative in enriching our content and digitally presenting our innovative solutions for the world to see.

So what are the secrets to Plover Bay’s success?

Like every successful business, we ensure our inclusive company culture is practiced and encouraged in day-to-day operations. As expressed by our marketers, Plover Bay’s team culture has been described as: welcoming, passionate and adventurous.

Plover Bay Company Culture.png

We asked a typical Marketer to share their experience of working at Plover Bay:  

The work culture here is very welcoming, and makes you feel like you are part of a close team. Plover Bay is also very understanding. If errors are ever made, we are taught that they are not unforgivable mistakes, but lessons that can be learned. This team spirit is what makes all of us eager to try new things and be creative.

This team culture definitely comes in handy, like for the success of some of the social media campaigns. Our most interesting social media content I would say are the video series for our Maritime Antennas. For these products, we collaborated together and experimented with new video styles and made parody videos of popular pre-existing concepts (Life of PI, Olympics, and Aquaman). We ended up creating unusual content, such as the adaptation we made of the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood, and everyone loved it! The social media posts performed very well, and generated more interest in Plover Bay's products. This type of experience encourages us to make more fun and creative videos. Currently, the team is working on more creative video content with our partners!

The key ingredient?

For a typical Plover Bay Marketer, collective brainstorming is an essential step in the production process:

“The key ingredient has to be Plover Bay’s encouragement to nurture team cooperation, as well as providing constructive feedback for improvement. Everyone here is willing to help each other and “take the risk”, even if there is a chance that it’s all in vain. This allows us to think out of the box, while still being in line with Plover Bay’s content design and values.”

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