SD-WAN Infrastructure Market Expected to Reach US$4.2B by 2021

Plover Bay Technologies is leading the Wireless SD-WAN Segment

December 13th, 2017

Hong Kong – With the Internet of Things (IoT) expected to add exponentially more connections and endpoints for the foreseeable future, the IDC Vendor Spotlight, sponsored by Peplink “Wireless SD-WAN: A Critical Element of Industrial Internet of Things” [1] has identified Wireless SD-WAN to be a crucially integral component of the SD-WAN infrastructure market.

IDC expects said market to grow from US$502M to US$4.2B between now and 2021, at a CAGR of 52.6%. The growth of the SD-WAN infrastructure market is being propelled forward at such an impressive rate by a variety of factors, primarily a higher number of distributed endpoints from the IoT and migration of enterprise applications to the cloud. Wireless SD-WAN implementation, specifically, is expected to make up 15-20% of that market.

Plover Bay subsidiary Peplink’s two software components, the InControl 2 SD-WAN Controller and the SpeedFusion VPN Bonding engine, are recognized by IDC as its key competitive advantages in the Industrial IoT Market. Peplink’s unique and software driven capabilities are also seen as particularly compelling for the Industrial IoT use case of Wireless SD-WAN, and are critically well-suited to the fast expanding market.

Based on SD-WAN infrastructure market size figures from IDC’s Vendor Spotlight, Plover Bay estimates that Peplink occupied a leading position in the Wireless SD-WAN market with 22% market share by 2016 revenue. Peplink products accommodate a variety of use case scenarios, from OEM endpoints and retail outlets, to mobile and industrial applications. In addition to its existing Wireless SD-WAN product line-up, Peplink is gearing up to extend its edge in the Wireless SD-WAN market by launching a number of innovative new products, including the world’s most powerful Wireless SD-WAN router, the EPX, with the capability to link up to 18x LTE-A connections at the same time for the most data-heavy applications while its modular architecture allows for advanced customization and scalability. The palm-sized SpeedFusion Engine, to be launched early next year, will enable unbreakable connectivity on mission-critical devices with a small form factor. All of Peplink’s Wireless SD-WAN solutions boast cloud-based centralized location tracking, device monitoring, and remote management.

“Our Wireless SD-WAN products deliver unbreakable connectivity and ultra-high bandwidth which has no parallel in the market. By harnessing emerging capabilities of LTE and other wireless advancements, our products enable breakthrough applications in many verticals that require mobility, including public safety, transport, maritime, broadcasting, and more. Wireless solutions continue to grow rapidly, and we will do so alongside them.” said Keith Chau, CEO of Plover Bay Technologies.

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