Plover Bay Enables Flawless Broadcast for Subaru Motorsports USA Rally Win

Hong Kong, 14 September 2021 – Subaru Motorsports USA just completed their first event since selecting Plover Bay Technologies Limited (Plover Bay, or the “Group”)(stock code: 1523)’s SpeedFusion powered solutions to enable the team to deliver new capabilities that were previously impossible.

Subaru Motorsports USA is the U.S. competition arm of Subaru, with the mission of testing and proving the capabilities of Subaru vehicles in stage rally, rallycross, record attempts, and more. Connectivity at these events is absolutely essential for their on-site crew of over 20 people to perform all kinds of tasks that keep the race team in the hunt for their next championship. From vehicle diagnostics, live broadcast, race event planning, social media, maps, weather, and even just checking in with someone’s family – connectivity at these events has become mission critical.

The Subaru Motorsports USA team has built an exciting brand that draws fans in from around the world. These fans have grown to expect constant updates, images, and live broadcasts from each event. However, the nature of these events brings the team into areas well outside of any single cellular network’s coverage, so things like live streams have been very unreliable – they work in one spot, but are impossible in others.

The Ojibwe Forests Rally in northern Minnesota is one that the team looks forward to every year. With race stages that deliver some of the most epic pictures and video, they were keen to improve their ability to keep fans connected as they journeyed back to the Minnesota forests for this year’s event. With the help of Plover Bay’s SpeedFusion, the Subaru media team was able to combine the bandwidth and coverage of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon and broadcast live from the most challenging rally stage, which is also the most challenging area to get a usable signal.

We didn’t expect this to work – nobody’s phone works down there. We were amazed that Plover Bay’s SpeedFusion was able to deliver a flawless broadcast live to our social media channels. This opens up all kinds of new ideas for us to keep fans connected”, said William Stokes at Subaru of America, Inc.

Keith Chau, CEO of Plover Bay said: “Our technology is able to combine the bandwidth of all the cellular networks so customers like Subaru can have the most stable and fastest connection possible, every time they need it. While customers with extreme requirements are always exciting, these kinds of results are something Plover Bay is able to deliver in commonplace business applications as well.


About Subaru Motorsports USA
Subaru Motorsports USA is managed by Vermont SportsCar and proudly supported by Subaru of America, Inc., MOTUL, KMC Wheels, Yokohama Tires, DirtFish Rally School, KÜHL, RECARO, weBoost and Peplink.

Follow the team online at Subaru Motorsports USA on Facebook, on Instagram @subarumotorsportsusa, on TikTok @subarumotorsportsusa, and on Twitter @subarums_usa.

About Plover Bay Technologies Limited
Plover Bay Technologies (stock code: 1523) is a world-leading Internet connectivity technology company. The Company is primarily engaged in developing and commercialising SD-WAN solutions under its own brands – ‘Peplink’ and ‘Pepwave’, whose core technologies and services help thousands of customers from varied industries to increase bandwidth, enhance Internet reliability, and reduce costs. The Group’s complete product line includes models for businesses of all sizes and provides an award-winning Internet experience for customers.

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