An Open Approach is Our Secret Weapon

Openness is the foundation to intriguing dialogue and insightful thought. At Plover Bay, we ensure to adopt an attitude of constant openness and learning, to ensure we aren’t resistant to change. That’s why we encourage our designers to develop new ideas unconventional to previous designs, as developing new ideas is the only way to escape from out-dated ones.

Our products and solutions require visual elements to ensure users can comprehensively understand their value. In an industry like ours, words alone cannot get the point across. We understand that design is the language that speaks to our end-users, so maintaining an intense focus on simplicity and usability is imperative. Design adds value faster than it adds costs.

We asked one of our designers to share their experiences of designing for Plover Bay:

How would you describe Plover Bay’s branding style? I would describe Plover Bay’s branding as not just simple, but exquisite. The style is clean and bold. All of Plover Bay’s elements need to signify professionalism, whilst demonstrating the courage to innovate. Simplicity and efficiency are the keys to a positive user experience, so we must ensure this is incorporated into Plover Bay’s style. These are the specifics we have in the back of our minds when we are designing visual elements for Plover Bay.

Is it difficult sticking to these specifics? Well, despite these requirements, this does not mean we are limited. There is no strict style specification that we must abide by when we are conceptualizing, designing and implementing all of Plover Bay’s visual elements. This gives us freedom to create work that not only shows off our personal flair, but encapsulates Plover Bay’s identity. I really feel like they provide us with the tools and platform essential to developing our talents to the best of our abilities! We need to be versatile, take the initiative to explore new ideas, whilst ensuring we are adhering to Plover Bay’s style and product requirements. The Superyacht Technology Conference Campaign brochure I was working on not too long ago is an excellent illustration of this, as I feel it really showcases my creative design capabilities that are still in line with Plover Bay’s branding.

Designers Plover Bay Core Value of Openness.png

Our designers are the masterminds behind Plover Bay’s style and multimedia content. The day-to-day of a Plover Bay designer consists of packaging artwork designs, modifying web page layouts, creating product videos, and providing design support for the marketing and business development teams.

Behind every great design, is an even greater story. That’s why we also asked them to share the inspirations behind the designs:

We draw our inspiration from each other. Our design team is involved in a lot of projects - both serious and casual, so a lot of ideas are bounced around in meetings and discussions. Every new idea from a colleague instills a sense of excitement. We all have our own unique style, so it's exhilarating to visualize other ideas different to your own.

Plover Bay’s willingness to nurture team cooperation and support new ideas is definitely a motivating factor as well. You want to think of new ideas, and you want to create more than what is expected of you. The passion is infectious when you’re inspired. When you surround yourself with passionate people, you become passionate yourself.

Were there other projects where you were able to express this creativity? The most memorable project that I enjoyed was our promotional video demonstrating what Plover Bay can do for all the different verticals. I thoroughly enjoyed drafting and executing the ideas of the content in this video. Here, I had to think of a way to create virtual scenarios that competently expressed how Plover Bay’s products were suited to particular deployments within an industry. I was experimenting with new creative ideas outside of Plover Bay’s usual promotional video structure and everyone in the Plover Bay team loved it! It’s this type of encouragement that keeps you inspired for projects in the near future.

Do you have any advice for other designers working in this industry? Enabling an open and transparent relationship with your company is important. Designing can be quite time-consuming, as you create work with such precision and perfection, so obtaining precise descriptions on what must be included is imperative. Keeping a tight feedback loop with others in different teams is the catalyst of Plover Bay’s triumphs. I feel that companies should encourage their designers to experiment and explore new ideas, as this is how better ideas are born!

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