Osborne Awarded for Deploying Plover Bay’s Technologies

Osborne deployed a brilliant networking project that reduces network setup and delays at remote construction sites across the UK

(IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 5th December, 2016. Hong Kong) Plover Bay Technologies Limited (HK stock code: 1523), a next-generation Internet connectivity technology company, today announced that Osborne Construction, a top British construction company, has won Computer Weekly’s European Award for “Best Networking Project of the Year” by deploying Plover Bay’s Internet connectivity solution. Osborne received the award for drastically reducing network setup delays at construction sites across the UK.

The project stood out from 130 entries and 50 finalists across Europe for “Best Networking Project of the Year.” By deploying Plover Bay next generation technology, Osborne proved to be “innovative, original in its ideas, and committed to getting it done right.”

Osborne Construction has over 90 private and public sector projects in progress across the UK, from office buildings to housing, hospitals, student accommodations, civic buildings, schools, universities, railways, roads, and airports. The company’s two data centers deliver network services to several thousand staff and subcontractors, including hundreds who work remotely on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Over the years, the company found that networking technologies such as 3G, multi-SIM 3G, 4G, wired broadband, and satellite failed to provide reliable coverage, especially in environments with ever-increasing network saturation.

“Previously we installed cable connections where possible, but lead times were unpredictable and could be anything from weeks to several months. These delays and uncertainties always added significant frustration and cost to the project,” said Phil Gilbey, head of IT at Osborne. To solve these challenges, Osborne turned to Onwave, an innovative managed service that uses powerful technology developed by Plover Bay Technologies. Plover Bay technology seamlessly bonds together different networking methods to form a single resilient link that increases bandwidth, enhances internet reliability, and reduces costs.

As a result, Osborne has been able to rapidly deploy reliable high-speed internet at construction sites across the UK. “Plover Bay’s technology lets us maximize bandwidth from multiple sources and different providers, giving us the best blend of connectivity at every location, even the most challenging,” says Stuart Ladbrook, Commercial Director for Onwave.

Computer Weekly praised Osborne’s networking project as an exceptionally “well thought-out project that displays clear savings.” By combining multiple cellular connections for shorter set-up times and better connectivity, Osborne achieves a guaranteed level of connectivity and bandwidth at every location, whether it’s a large-scale health or academic development, or a smaller highway or railroad project.

“Setup time is now measured in days instead of weeks or months,” said Gilbey. “We have a fixed cost and a guaranteed level of connectivity. Bandwidth goes up; our monthly costs are reduced; and we don’t have any disruption in our communication network.” About Osborne: Osborne Construction is one of the top 30 construction companies in the UK and has an annual turnover well in excess of £320 million, employs over 1000 staff and several thousand subcontractors working on over 90 sites across the UK. Osborne’s clients span both private and public sector including critical national infrastructure such as rail, road, health and education projects. The company was an early adopter of technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), thin client and virtualization to help streamline the construction process.

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Plover Bay Technologies (stock code: 1523) is a world leading Internet connectivity technology company and the world’s 5th largest SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) technology vendor (in terms of revenue value in 2015). Primarily engaged in developing and commercialising SD-WAN solutions under its own brands – “Peplink” and “Pepwave”, the Group also grants software licence subscriptions and provides warranty as well as support services in connection with its SD-WAN solutions. The Group sells its own branded products to an extensive network of more than 400 distributors in approximately 70 countries.

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