Plover Bay Technologies Overview

Plover Bay Technologies Limited is a listed company on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 1523.HK). We are an Internet Connectivity technology company focusing on the design, development, marketing and sale of software-defined products and services under our brands “Peplink” and “Pepwave”.

Our connectivity products add value and save cost for enterprise, industrial and government organizations. Our products are sold to end users through an extensive network of over 500 distributors and resellers in over 70 countries in the world. Our solutions are deployed in maritime and ground transport, public safety, education, retail and enterprise branches to ensure unbreakable connectivity to critical resources such as cloud services, ERP, e-mail, and significantly reduce networking costs.

Through our proprietary technology, SpeedFusion, our solutions also open up new possibilities, such as mobile workspace on a bus, mobile surveillance streaming for public safety and other future opportunities in Internet of Things.

▲According to the Quocirca Report, we are the 5th largest next generation Internet Connectivity provider internationally in 2015 in terms of revenue.

▲We market and sell our products and services to customers and end users under our own brands namely “Peplink” and “Pepwave

We market and sell our products and services to customers and end users under our own brands, namely “Peplink” and “Pepwave”. We derive our revenue mainly from the sale of our vertically-integrated devices that leverages our own Internet connectivity technology, categorized into wired and wireless. They operate on our patented Internet connectivity technology, namely SpeedFusion, which is a WAN Virtualization technology specifically designed to combine multiple connections and create fast, reliable and secure private networks.

In addition, we derive our revenue from granting software licences, including InControl cloud service for centrally managing our devices, the provision of warranty and support services and also subscription-based services. We sell our products and services mainly through an extensive network of distributors in different regions of the world. We currently have over 500 distributors in approximately 70 countries.

Our products

Software-Defined WAN Routers (Peplink | Pepwave)

We develop and sell a broad range of next generation Internet connectivity SD-WAN routers that help organizations resolve their connectivity issues: increasing their speed, reducing their costs, and ensuring reliability of their connections for accessing key resources such as e-mail, enterprise resource planning, file sharing and video conferencing. Our routers come in a wide range of specifications and are designed to be deployed in any environment, be it branch network indoors or on a ship or vehicle outdoors.

Peplink Extended to Internet Machines (Pepxim)

We are working on innovative cloud-based services that leverage our Unbreakable Connectivity technology as a platform for connecting the Internet of Things. These include:

  • Next generation Time & Attendance system
  • Cloud-based Digital Signage system
  • Software-defined power management tools
  • Cloud-based management of SIM cards to minimize mobile data bandwidth and roaming cost
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