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Building powerful networks across Britain

When Osborne Construction, a top British construction company, wanted to reduce the network setup times and network delays at its construction sites, it turned to Onwave, a partner of Plover Bay Technologies. Using Plover Bay’s next generation Internet connectivity technology (SD-WAN), Onwave helps Osborne to rapidly deploy high-speed internet at construction sites across the UK, enabling teams to connect from remote areas under challenging internet conditions.

World’s Largest Ship Stays Online with Plover Bay Technologies

Pioneering Spirit, the world’s largest ship needed a way to stay online at all times, whether it’s out in the ocean on a decommissioning project or moored by the shore. Having connectivity is crucial for the safety of the crew, amongst other things. So a solution where they can make use of all available connections is of paramount importance.

British National Emergency Calls for Plover Bay Technologies

In February 2014, following a devastating storm, the Dawlish railway tracks in Devon, England collapsed and were left hanging in mid-air. A national emergency was declared. The railway had to be repaired and train service restored within a two-month deadline.

Trellisworks, a leading networking solution provider, was put in charge of coming up with a construction communications solution that could be deployed in such an inaccessible environment and withstand challenging weather conditions.

MIT Robotics Podium Finish with Plover Bay Technologies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology was chosen to participate in NASA’s annual planetary rover competition. They sought to gain a competitive advantage by forming an unbreakable connection between the rover and mission control. With the help of Peplink technology, they went on to take second place in this prestigious event.

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